Unlock Your iPhone 6s

Unlock iphone 6s

Unlock Your iPhone 6s for Compatibility with Other Networks

With an unlocked Apple iPhone 6s, users can download and install any third party mobile apps, opt for various network service providers for their handset as per their requirement and do a lot more whenever they want. But for that, theiPhone 6s should be unlocked in the most reliable method which offers safety and security to your iPhone 6s.

Seek Expertise from Professional Unlocking Providers

There are various bodies which may offer their services to unlock iPhone 6s and one of the trustful lots is unlockninja.com. You should verify them well lest you become a target of their scam. Some inexperienced service providers end up giving faulty instructions to unlock and hence damage the handsets. Some even come up with links for download that turn out to be incorrect or outdated. They hardly work. Thus, prior to unlocking, do consult an experienced unlocking service provider that has been reliable and can offer services that are legal and secure.

How it works?

Unlike other smartphones which can be unlocked by using a code, iPhone 6s avoids the involvement of one. All you need to do to unlock iPhone 6s is send your IMEI number to Apple’s database. This is the first step. After that, you get a mail from Apple mentioning that your device is now unlocked. Once you receive that, you need to have the updated version of iTunes installed in your handset. Then you can try a new SIM card from another network. Now, iTunes will detect your iPhone 6s and state that your iPhone 6s is unlocked. You are now free to use any SIM card from any network you consider appropriate.

Points to Note

There are some points which should not be neglected while unlocking iPhone 6s. They are as follows:

  • Your iPhone 6s should have the the latest version of iTunes.
  • There should be no SIM card on your phone’s SIM card tray. Even an invalid SIM card may cause problems in accessing iTunes and you may not be able to restore the handset, let aside unlocking it.
  • You need to accept the terms and conditions of the unlocking agreement. For a change you might go for reading the entire agreement.
  • Do not reboot your iPhone 6s before the restore procedure concludes.
  • Don’t insert another SIM card before you get the the confirmation message.

The IMEI procedure is a permanent one to unlock iPhone 6s. You can also update your iPhone 6s with other firmware and operating system. Log on to https://www.unlockninja.com/ to unlock your iPhone 6s.


Unlockninja.com to Unlock Your Mobile Phone

Unlock Phone

Unlockninja.com to Unlock Your Mobile Phone

With high-end phones gaining popularity, people who can afford them buy them and those who can’t, either save or try another method where carrier providers sell them to customers at subsidized rates. But even the subsidy comes at the price of a contract; a contract which binds the user to that network carrier for two years or more. This binding refers to the user being unable to use services from any other network on their phone till they pay the contractual amount in full or till the time expires. Now, does that mean every time you feel like using another network, you will buy another handset? The answer of course is “NO” and the option is unlocking phone. This will allow you to use any SIM card in your phone. But this procedure should be implemented using a reputed service provider’s help. In case there is a “such as” coming up in your mind for a reputed service provider, the response to that is unlockninja.com.

Unlockninja.com: The Reason for this One

Now, you may have doubts about unlockninja.com when there are other providers in the market. To answer that, let’s look at what unlockninja.com has achieved so far. It is on the list of the leaders in this category and has been known to provide excellent service. Their procedure is not only 100% legal, but permanent too. The reasons for choosing unlockninja.com are as follows:

Money back: This site may unlock your phone and make you unlock your net banking portal for a payment but in case the procedure fails to unlock phone due to any reason whatsoever, the website returns your money without any questions.

Delivery on time: This isn’t pizza delivery, but unlockninja.com does take its service seriously. After the order is placed it doesn’t take them more than 2 days to have the code delivered and your phone unlocked. There was a mention of pizza delivery earlier. Guess what? Unlockninja.com does exactly that. The unlock code is free if they are late and you had paid for the unlock code. If they are late, they will refund the cash and send the code.

Unlocking you can afford: There may be more doubts. Where should I order the pizza from? If both brands have the same quality, you would probably prefer the cheaper one. If not, unlockninja.com is definitely not the right option for you. It has quite the affordable price you were looking for. You may find somebody providing the codes at a cheaper rate. If the provider happens to be genuine, you will just need to call unlockninja.com and they will give you the codes and instructions at the same price or lower. Go on and visit https://www.unlockninja.com/ and unlock your phone.

Steps to Unlock iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus – Any country

unlock iphone 6

Steps to Unlock iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus – Any country

Unlock iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in alternate ways online. Using this way you can unlock your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus with iOS 8, And for other iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4/4S unlock. In this unlock process you can successfully unlock from Apple data with your IMEI number. To unlock proceed you have to go with below alternate services given in details as you wish. Till today from released date of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Millions of iPhone and iPad devices unlocked successfully via below helps. This is very popular service over the world, you can do proceed in if you are in any 79+ (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, India, China, South Africa and others) countries.

Unlocking Samsung S6 Edge for a Host of Benefits

Unlock Samsung S6 Edge

Unlocking Samsung S6 Edge for a Host of Benefits

One of the most sought after devices today, Samsung S6 Edge has got the most apt apps for your personal and business needs and of course, you can stay connected with your near and dear ones too. There are many tasks that you can accomplish using this gadget. Images, music, the internet, and a lot more in just a phone. But most of these may not be available when your Samsung S6 Edge is locked. Hence, to use Samsung S6 Edge to the fullest, consider unlocking it.

Unlocking Samsung S6 Edge and its Benefits

There are many users who are under the impression that their Samsung S6 Edge is confined to the features they use and cannot achieve anything more. With a locked Samsung S6 Edge, it is impossible to use a SIM card of any other network. The device simply won’t allow it. There will be error messages like ‘NO SIM CARD’ or ‘INVALID SIM’, etc. You can use your Samsung S6 Edge to the fullest only after you have unlocked it. There are some other advantages that come along with unlocking your Samsung S6 Edge.

It sells better: The unlock Samsung S6 Edge that you have will be much easier to sell at a price you desire. A locked Samsung S6 Edge will never fetch a good number of buyers or a great amount for your Samsung S6 Edge. Who would want to buy a phone that can allow only one SIM card for all purposes?

Change your carrier: Once you have your Samsung S6 Edge unlocked, you shall be able to change your network service provider. From the default network that you used to the network that you choose to use, the transition is simple.  There shall be no error messages when you insert a new SIM card of your preferred network.

Bid farewell to roaming charges: If you travel a lot in your country or have some international business to attend to, you would definitely face some issues with your default SIM card. Firstly, the hefty roaming charges on calls and messages or data will irritate you a lot. Secondly, there may be network issues. Now, both of them could be easily overcome if you take a local SIM card and use it whenever you visit a new state or country. The roaming charges are off and you can use it at a local tariff.

Achieving Unlocking

Now that the set of benefits of unlocking Samsung S6 Edge has some clarity, let’s see how to achieve it. For that, a reputed and authorized unlocking providing company such as Unlockninja.com needs to be approached. Their process is legal, safe, and simple. Such companies offer code unlocking, which happens to be convenient and pretty much in your budget. On top of it, there is money refund policy which secures your spending.

Tips for Safe and Secure Cell Phone Unlocking

Unlocking Cell Phone

Tips for Safe and Secure Cell Phone Unlocking

When your phone can avail services of only one carrier, it becomes pretty annoying. We are in this era of communication where our phones can get almost everything done. But a locked phone restricts everything to the mercy of just one network. Apart from that, whenever you plan to travel outside the country or be in an international location, you need to be prepared to shell out a lot of money to the carrier brand your phone is locked to or find other means of communication. To avoid either of these situations and have a favorable solution, it is advisable for you to have your phone unlocked.

Methods Used to Unlock

A locked cell phone implies the presence of a software on the handset which keeps the subscriber identification number locked, thereby allocating a unique cell phone to the SIM card and vice versa. When this happens, the phone shall not be compatible with any other SIM card and the SIM card will also have the same fate, i.e., it won’t function with other handsets.

There are two technologies on which mobile phones and SIM cards are based. They are GMS and CDMA. In case of CDMA phones, the SIM card cannot be changed, i.e., the same SIM card will have to be used for the same phone throughout. But in case of GSM, handsets can go for various SIM cards, if they are unlocked. While unlocking a GSM phone is possible in many ways, the code unlocking process which uses the IMEI of your phone is the easiest.

Unlocking Tips and How it is Performed

A locked phone will only give you regrets. You should unlock Cell phone the moment you have it to avail several benefits. Firstly, you can use  SIM cards of various carrier providers as per your choice and requirements. Secondly, you shall be able to update your firmware and selected apps, which a locked handset doesn’t allow. There are a few tips forunlocking your cell phone. They are as follows:

  • Have the IMEI code of your handset with you prior to looking for unlocking service providers
  • Make sure the provider you approach is authorized, reputed, and experienced
  • Before you go for unlocking cell phone, make sure it has been fully activated with your default service provider
  • All your bills should be paid. In case there is something pending you might have trouble unlocking

It is absolutely legal to unlock your cell phone with this procedure and in case you have issues finding a genuine service provider, log on to https://www.unlockninja.com.

The ABC of Unlocking a Mobile Phone

Unlock Mobile Phone

The ABC of Unlocking a Mobile Phone

Picture the following. You try to insert a different SIM card in your phone and succeed in the same. But when you turn the phone on and try to use it, you get error messages related to the SIM card. In case you don’t have to picture that and are already facing it on a daily basis, it is time you unlock mobile phone. Doing that will at least let you use other SIM cards as per your needs and choices. But unlocking a phone should not be taken for granted or considered risk free, especially with the presence of risk factors which shall be discussed later. An authorized and reputed service provider like Unlockninja.com would do the right thing for you.

Mobile Unlocking – The Basics

We now know what unlocking is. You may be wondering about the procedure to get it done. There are people who use the hardware method, which is risky enough for the handset and can affect it badly. Then there is the software method which is as risky, requires technical expertise, and works well. But if it fails, you may never be able to make another call from your phone. And the warranty won’t cover that either. Is there another way out? Of course there is. There is a simple, safer, and more legal way which can be implemented by anyone.

The IMEI code unlocking method is the easiest of them all. It is permanent and absolutely legal. The way it works is as follows:

  • You provide your phone’s IMEI code to the unlocking service provider
  • The service provider generates an unlock code and a set of instructions
  • You follow the instructions and have the phone unlocked

The steps might look very easy. They are indeed. Once you are done with this, you will be able to save on the roaming charges which might have priced a lot otherwise. While on roaming, you can buy a SIM card of the current location and use it and avoid all the extra charges.

But this procedure shall not work in case the IMEI code you are providing to the service provider is blacklisted, barred, or reported stolen. Make sure that such is not the case with your phone. It will be impossible to unlock then. A reputed and authorized unlock service provider will receive all your details, have them verified, and then send a code. It may not be immediate, but once you properly follow the instructions provided along with the code, you will be able to unlock mobile phone.

Selecting an Unlocking Provider for Your Mobile Phone

Unlock Cell Phone

Selecting an Unlocking Provider for Your Mobile Phone

There’s hardly a soul without a cell phone in today’s world. And anyone who has one would like it unlocked. The reasons are obvious. A user can be independent with that. Any number of SIM cards desired by the user can be inserted into the phone to avail services from different network service providers as per their choice. If you are one of those who haven’t unlocked their phone yet and are waiting to get it done, but are confused about the method to use, a proper suggestion for you any day would be to go for the unlock service providers that prefer using codes to software or hardware procedures. This is much easier and safer.

Selecting the Best of the lot of Unlocking Providers

It is absolutely legal to unlock cell phone. What tends to be illegal is the procedure that the frauds provide with websites where they would ask you to put their faith in them so they might unlock it at a much cheaper price. And they don’t. The failure is absolutely intentional and beneficial for them. But this is more about you and your phone being unlocked. Hence, it is recommended that you verify the facts of the provider before taking any step. Authentic service providers such as Unlockninja.com ensure that the phone shall suffer no kind of damage. There are some points you need to consider for this. They are as follows:

  • The method you use should be one where you get code to unlock in return for your mobile’s IMEI number
  • You should receive immediate confirmation via mail after submitting your phone’s IMEI number
  • The provider should offer secure unlocking
  • It should not use any software for the same
  • The process should be authentic and permanent
  • It should come with a money back guarantee in case the unlocking fails

One of the terms of the money back guarantee may require you to send the company a video as proof that you followed all instructions carefully and yet the phone could not be unlocked. So make sure that you shoot all of it while unlocking cell phone, lest it fails.

Before Going for Unlocking

Unlocking using a code is the simplest method. But it will not work in the first place if some things are not right with your IMEI code. Your IMEI code should not be blacklisted, barred, or reported stolen. Your default SIM card should have been used by your phone at least once, i.e., it should be active or have been active once before you start the process.