Experience the New HTC One by Using IMEI Code Unlocking Method

Unlock HTC M8

Experience the New HTC One by Using IMEI Code Unlocking Method

HTC One (M8) happens to be one of the finest handsets. If you possess one, you know you are lucky. However, it is not too much of luck if your HTC One (M8) is locked.  It is essential that you get your HTC One (M8) unlocked safely. Read more to find out why you really need to Unlock HTC One (M8) and what it can do.

Unlocking Advantages

There are many advantages of unlocking your HTC One (M8). It works like a boon if you are on roaming on a usual basis or if you feel like changing your phone’s network to another one. A locked HTC One (M8) does not allow that. You get to see messages like “Invalid SIM card” or “Incorrect SIM card”. While travelling you can avoid the roaming charges by using a new SIM card for the area you are in. This will ensure that you bear charges as per the local tariff of the service provider. Even if it is not roaming, you may want to just change the SIM for the location you are currently using your HTC One (M8) in. Unlocking HTC One (M8) helps there too. Apart from this, the resale value of your HTC One (M8) elevates when you put an ad about it being available for sale. Doing so you get a good price and a lot of buyers.

What to do?

Now that you know the advantages of unlocking your HTC One M8, it is advisable you go for a convenient, genuine, and safe procedure for the same. And the procedure doesn’t ask much of you. All you need to do is provide your phone’s IMEI code and some other details to expert service providers like Unlockninja. On having done this, you will receive a code from the website which shall be used to unlock your HTC One M8. This process does not affect the hardware or the warranty in any manner and there is consistency in performance of your HTC One (M8).

Points to Consider

There are some points you should consider when you make a choice of unlocking HTC One (M8):

  • The IMEI code method is the only one where there is no impact on the hardware of your HTC One (M8)
  • This process does not affect the warranty either
  • It is absolutely legal

But before you unlock using this method, you should have your phone’s IMEI code checked, i.e., it should not be barred, reported stolen, or blacklisted. If one of the cases prevails, it would be tough or impossible to unlock your HTC One (M8) using this method.


Enhance the Value of Your HTC One by Using IMEI Code Unlocking Method

Unlock HTC One

Enhance the Value of Your HTC One by Using IMEI Code Unlocking Method

If you own the exciting and innovative HTC One (M8), then you sure have one of the finest handsets with you. However, no matter how good the device is, it is always better that you get it unlocked in a safe and secure way. Here, find more about unlocking benefits and what you really need to do in order to get your HTC One unlocked without affecting its warranty.

Unlocking Advantages

Before you get your HTC One unlock, it is impertinent that you understand the many benefits of unlocking the handset. Phone unlocking is a boon for people who need to travel to foreign locations on a regular basis. This is because while travelling, your locked HTC One will continue to operate under your existing carrier provider only. The moment you insert the SIM card of any other carrier provider, your handset will cease to function and will show signs such as “Invalid SIM Card” or “Incorrect SIM Card” among others. Additionally, you won’t have to pay any high roaming charges for yourunlocked HTC one when you are in abroad as you can safely switch to a local carrier provider’s network and continue to share SMS and make phone calls at locally applicable rates.

Once unlocked, you can switch to another service provider’s monthly plan and pay relatively less call and SMS charges. In addition to this, unlocking helps you raise the value of your device. An unlocked HTC One sells at higher price in comparison to a locked one. Lastly, safe and authorized unlocking does not impact the warranty of your handset and is very much legal.

What to do?

If you have recognized the above mentioned advantages of using an unlock HTC M8, then it will only be wise of you to have your phone unlocked via a genuine and authorized unlocking services offering company. Depending upon your convenience, you can login into the website of an unlocking service providing company and share your phone’s IMEI code. Once you have shared the necessary IMEI code, the website will send an unlock code on your HTC One, which can be safely used to unlock your phone easily.

Remember, IMEI code unlocking will have no implications on the hardware or performance of your HTC One. In fact, post unlocking you can continue to use your mobile exactly the way you were using it previously. Also, before you opting for unlocking, you must determine whether the IMEI code of your phone is barred, reported stolen or blacklisted or not. In case your IMEI code has been blocked for any of the above reasons, then you will not be able to able to unlock it under any circumstances.

Boost the Capabilities of Your HTC One (M8) – Opt for Unlocking

Unlocking HTC M8

Boost the Capabilities of Your HTC One (M8) – Opt for Unlocking

The HTC One (M8) boasts of an extraordinary design and an unbelievable display. So, if you have recently bought one for yourself, then consider getting it unlocked, simply because it will help you enhance the value of your device and increase its network compatibility. In fact, unlocking also helps you use your handset to its fullest capacity, as you can both update its features and firmware. Here, take a look at what unlocking is all about and which is the safest way to have your HTC One unlocked.

Avoid Hassles, Go for Simple and Secure Unlocking

There is no denying the fact that unlocking your HTC M8 will help you boost its capabilities and make it much for efficient and valuable, in terms of performance and money respectively. However, the unlocking procedure that you opt for should be simple, convenient, and easy to follow. Make sure that you opt for a safe and legal way of unlocking, which is completely different from jailbreaking or software and hardware unlocking.

While hardware and software unlocking requires you to be technically expert and can end up voiding your HTC One’s warranty, jailbreaking can have major implications on the hardware of your gadget, especially when you have little or no knowledge about safe unlocking techniques. In such a scenario, it is only sensible of you to opt for the IMEI code unlocking procedure as it is a safe, quick, easy, and legal method of unlocking. After unlocking HTC M8 with the help of IMEI code route, you will be able to use more than one SIM cards of different service providers on your phone.

Before Unlocking

The value of unlocked phone is definitely higher than a locked phone, simply because an unlocked phone allows the user to insert the SIM card of different carrier providers and consequently fetches an increased number of buyers. However, before you proceed further and follow the simple steps of unlocking your HTC One, don’t forget to check the below mentioned points carefully:

  • Back up all your data on your PC, MAC, or USB
  • Your HTC One should be fully activated with your existing carrier provider before you switch to another one
  • Your device should be 100% charged
  • The IMEI number of your handset should not be blacklisted, reported stolen, or barred by your carrier provider

Once you have cross-checked all of the above points, you can share your IMEI code with an unlocking services offering website and they will ensure that you enjoy a smooth, quick, legal, and secure unlocking process.