Top Tips for Unlocking Your Precious iPhone 5s

Unlock iphone 5s

Top Tips for Unlocking Your Precious iPhone 5s

A magnificent smartphone with some of the best features and apps, Apple iPhone 5s, may be in your hands, your pockets or just on a desk. But if this marvel of a device is to be used to the fullest, you should consider unlocking it. There are various ways to do that. Hardware unlocking, jailbreaking, IMEI unlocking and software unlocking are a few methods. But the most effective, safe and legal procedure would be IMEI unlocking.

How to proceed?

Unlocking iPhone 5s using the IMEI method will need you to opt for a trustworthy website such as which provides this service. You would need to select the original network from the list to which your phone is locked. Then, it shall ask for the IMEI code of your device. Upon providing that, you have to wait for a confirmation mail which can arrive in at most two days. It depends on the network you have been using so far. Once you receive the mail, you need to restore iTunes in your iPhone 5. And then, you shall receive a message stating that your phone has been unlocked.

Points to Look out for

You just read how easy it is to perform the unlocking of your iPhone 5s. However, there are a few points that you must not neglect before starting with unlocking. They are as follows:

  • Your device must be locked to the default network
  • All your bills concerned with your iPhone 5s must be cleared
  • Your iPhone 5s should, under no circumstances, be reported lost, stolen, blacklisted, or barred. This can be detected via your IMEI number

Once all the above mentioned points are checked well, you know that your iPhone 5s is eligible for being unlocked. You can proceed with the procedure and unlock iPhone 5s. The only hindrance may be finding a trustworthy website. In case that is a big issue for you, give no second thought to opt for https//

Why unlock?

The first, foremost and probably the most obvious reason to unlock your iPhone 5s would be the freedom to use various networks. You won’t need to confine yourself to one network for everything anymore. Apart from that, you get to modify various other features of your iPhone 5s and opt for the settings you have always wanted. Updating the firmware of the iPhone 5s is also possible after having successfully unlocked your iPhone 5s.


Avoid Scamsters, Unlock Your iPhone 5s Legally

Unlock iphone 5S

Avoid Scamsters, Unlock Your iPhone 5s Legally

A good idea can change one’s life, but let’s not talk that big though the iPhone 5s is considered larger than life at times. If you are a customer and have bought the iPhone 5s recently, you may want to unlock it. You should get it done by an authentic unlock service provider. Read on to find out how, and before that, why should you unlock.

Advantages You are Fetched with due to Unlocking of iPhone 5s

When you unlock iPhone 5s, you get to see many benefits that come out of it. The first one is the ease and freedom of using any network on the handset. Prior to that, there was only the default network for everything. The second benefit is directly related to the first one. It has a financial angle. You save a lot of money on calls and other services that you avail while on roaming. If there is a tour, with every country or state, you can use a new local SIM card and wave farewell to the roaming charges.

The third aspect is also financial. But here, it comes a little later. After you have used your iPhone 5s well, you might want to sell it. Now, if you use the locked iPhone 5s, you would definitely get a much lesser price and hardly any interested buyers. The tables turn well for an unlocked iPhone 5s.

How unlocking works?

To unlock your iPhone 5s, you need to visit a trusted website which provides that service. The first step is to login and select your model no., which happens to be iPhone 5s in this case. The next step shall need you to enter the IMEI code of your device. Once you submit the necessary details along with that, you get a confirmation mail stating the unlocking of your iPhone 5s has been successful. You now have to launch iTunes on your device to be able to use any other SIM card. And this entire process does not affect the warranty of your iPhone 5s in any manner.

Points to be Noted

Although you now know how to unlock iPhone 5s, you may need to consider some points that are necessary for the same. They are as follows:

  • Your iPhone 5s should be fully activated with your existing carrier
  • The IMEI code of your iPhone is not barred, blacklisted, or reported stolen
  • Avoid websites that fake unlocking and cheat you

To unlock your iPhone 5s, one of the reputed sites would be

Unlock iPhone 5s the Safe and Legal Way

Unlock iPhone 5s

Unlock iPhone 5s the Safe and Legal Way

Not many people have the privilege of using an iPhone 5s and those who do understand very well that their device is undoubtedly one the best in the world. However, if you really wish to use your Apple iPhone 5s to its fullest capacity, then consider unlocking it. Here, take a look at the relevance and benefits of unlocking.

Say ‘No’ to Locked iPhones 5s

Using a locked iPhone 5s can be extremely annoying. This is because your locked iPhone 5s works on with the carrier provider it is tied to. Therefore, if at any point in time you wish to insert another carrier’s SIM card in your iPhone, the gadget simply won’t work. Therefore, it is only advisable that you say ‘No’ to your locked iPhone 5s and get it unlocked with the help of an unlocking services providing company.

Unlocking – No Risks Involved

Unlocking iPhone 5s is completely legal and safe. If you have cleared all your phone bills and contract, then unlocking won’t hamper the performance of your iPhone 5s. In case you still need to make payments towards your contract, you will have to first get in touch with your network provider and make sure that all your bills have been paid in full.

Unlocking your iPhone 5s will also have no implications on the warranty of your device. However, you should get your iPhone unlocked via an authentic and authorized unlocking service offering company or the device manufacturer itself.

IMEI Unlocking

While there are more than one ways in which you can get your iPhone 5s unlocked, it is better that you use the IMEI method of unlocking, since it is both safe and legal. Yet another advantage of using the IMEI unlocking procedure is that it is very easy to follow. The step involved in IMEI unlocking are easy to follow and do not require much effort from your side.

To begin with, you will have to first check whether your IMEI code is listed on the unlocking service provider’s database or not. Once you have checked the availability of your handset’s IMEI code, you can forward your request for unlocking. The unlocking service provider will in turn provide you with a confirmation mail in a couple of days. Upon receiving the mail you need to restart your iPhone 5s and launch iTunes and you will automatically receive a message confirming that your device has been safely unlocked. So, why wait? Get your iPhone 5s unlocked right away!