Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Choose Your Service Provider

Unlock HTC M8

Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Choose Your Service Provider

One of the most widely used smartphones compatible with Android, HTC One (M8) is a handset that a lot of network service providers offer to customers. However, in case you wish to switch to another network and get rid of your existing network service provider for any reasons whatsoever, then it would be advisable for you to unlock HTC One (M8) at the earliest. Unlocking your HTC One (M8) will let you use any network’s SIM card you desire or choose as per your requirements, especially while you are abroad.

You will incur a lot of roaming charges when you are abroad and if you are stuck with your default network. Making calls might make you feel like a pauper. But, what if you could just step into a country’s border, buy a SIM card from the local area, insert it in your phone and use it normally? It is possible with an unlocked HTC One (M8) phone. To know more about how to unlock, read on.

Methods of Unlocking

There are various methods which you may use to unlock your HTC One (M8). Carrier unlocking method is one where you have to contact the default carrier provider. To proceed with this procedure, you need to ensure that all your bills as per the contract you have with your device have been paid. In case you haven’t paid up, there are other methods as well. Read on.

HTC One CID Change

This one requires you to have ample technical expertise. It is pretty risky and your handset’s warranty doesn’t cover it. In fact, after using this, your warranty becomes void. The reason behind this is that a change in the CID will change the regional status of your phone. In this procedure, you don’t need to to enter codes for unlocking, but for sure there are risks. A small mistake and you lose the HTC One (M8), since there is no warranty to cover it.

 Unlock by Your Default Service Provider

This is a secure and easy method which doesn’t need any technical expertise. This process is not only hassle free, but is also covered by the warranty of the HTC One (M8). And it is so simple that a layman can implement it. You need send your device’s IMEI code to the trusted company such as Unlockninja that offers unlocking services. The company will then send an unlock code for your handset, in less than five minutes. The code helps you in unlocking your HTC One (M8). In fact, you can avail money back guarantee if it fails to send a code to unlock HTC One (M8) or the code fails.


Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Boost its Capabilities

Unlock HTC M8

Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Boost its Capabilities

An extraordinary design and a display of a smartphone will keep you hooked to the screen. These are the features that the HTC One (M8) possesses and attracts customers with. If you are one of the customers, you might just want to check if other features that the HTC One (M8) has can be accessed or used by you and if you can add another SIM car and use it. In case you can’t, your HTC One (M8) is considered locked. Unlocking your HTC One (M8) will help you get over all of this and let you use the HTC One (M8) to the fullest. Read on to find out how to unlock HTC One (M8) the safest way possible.

Prior to Unlocking

Any unlocked phone would qualify as better than a locked phone by all means. The most obvious reason would be the freedom to use any other SIM card of any network. This will always attract a variety of buyers and have a better resale value. But before you carry on with the simple steps of unlocking your HTC One (M8), make sure you have the following points covered:

  • Your phone should be activated with the default carrier provider that came with the handset
  • Have a back up of all your data on some other device
  • Your phone’s IMEI code should not be reported stolen, barred, or blacklisted
  • Your HTC One (M8) should be 100% charged

If the points mentioned above are cross checked, you can share your IMEI code with the website you trust such as the unlockninja.com. They will make sure that the process is smooth, secure, and legally accepted.

Jump the Queue and Go for Simple and Secure Unlocking

There are other ways of unlocking your HTC One (M8) which include the hardware and software unlocking methods. But both of them require a lot of technical expertise and come with a risk of damaging your phone. Jailbreaking may have implications on the hardware of your device. The IMEI code unlocking process will be a very sensible option for you. It shall not only unlock HTC One (M8) without making any kind of alterations in the data or hardware, but also keep your warranty intact. It is legal, simple, and secure and does not need any kind of technical expertise. Even a layman can implement it.  And one of the best sites to get it done would be http://www.unlockninja.com. It has a great reputation and is trusted by a lot of customers.

Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Switch to Your Choice of Service Provider

Unlock HTC M^

Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Switch to Your Choice of Service Provider

The HTC One (M8) is a widely used Android based smartphone that is offered by almost all the leading network service providing companies. However, if you don’t wish to stick to the existing network provider and intend to use the services of another carrier provider, then it is recommended that you get your HTC One (M8) unlocked as soon as possible. Unlocking will allow you to insert the SIM card of any carrier of your choice, especially when you need to travel to international destinations.

Remember, when you are travelling abroad, your existing carrier will charge you heavy roaming charges for making calls and sending SMS; however, you can escape paying these charges by simply inserting a local SIM card in your HTC One (M8). Here, find out more about different methods of unlocking your precious HTC One (M8) and why you should opt for a professional unlocking service provider.

Carrier Unlock

There are multiple ways in which you can unlock HTC One (M8). First and foremost, you can opt for carrier unlocking method wherein all you need to do is contact your carrier provider itself. However, for this you must ensure that the contract of your HTC One (M8) is fully paid or at least eighteen months of your twenty four months contract have gone by. However, if you haven’t met the above mentioned criteria, then you can move on to the next unlocking method.

Changing the CID of Your HTC One

In order to unlock HTC M8 using this particular method, you must ensure that you gain some technical expertise. Also, this method can lead to cancellation of your handset’s warranty. This is because altering the CID on your handset essentially alters the status of the region of the phone. The CID changing method does not require you to enter any SIM code for the purpose of unlocking. But it isn’t the best option since it can void the warranty.

Unlock with the Help of Your Service Provider

Users who don’t have the requisite technical expertise for unlocking their HTC One (M8)can turn to unlocking service providers and get their handset unlocked safely and easily. It is a completely hassle-free procedure, as all you really need to do as is send your handset’s IMEI code to the unlocking services offering company and in turn it will send an unlock code on your handset, in just a couple of minutes. A professional unlocking service offering company also offers money refund guarantee in case it fails in its attempt to unlock your device. Additionally, this method ensures that the warranty of your handset remains intact. So, don’t wait and get your HTC One unlocked right now!