The ABC of Unlocking a Mobile Phone

Unlock Mobile Phone

The ABC of Unlocking a Mobile Phone

Picture the following. You try to insert a different SIM card in your phone and succeed in the same. But when you turn the phone on and try to use it, you get error messages related to the SIM card. In case you don’t have to picture that and are already facing it on a daily basis, it is time you unlock mobile phone. Doing that will at least let you use other SIM cards as per your needs and choices. But unlocking a phone should not be taken for granted or considered risk free, especially with the presence of risk factors which shall be discussed later. An authorized and reputed service provider like would do the right thing for you.

Mobile Unlocking – The Basics

We now know what unlocking is. You may be wondering about the procedure to get it done. There are people who use the hardware method, which is risky enough for the handset and can affect it badly. Then there is the software method which is as risky, requires technical expertise, and works well. But if it fails, you may never be able to make another call from your phone. And the warranty won’t cover that either. Is there another way out? Of course there is. There is a simple, safer, and more legal way which can be implemented by anyone.

The IMEI code unlocking method is the easiest of them all. It is permanent and absolutely legal. The way it works is as follows:

  • You provide your phone’s IMEI code to the unlocking service provider
  • The service provider generates an unlock code and a set of instructions
  • You follow the instructions and have the phone unlocked

The steps might look very easy. They are indeed. Once you are done with this, you will be able to save on the roaming charges which might have priced a lot otherwise. While on roaming, you can buy a SIM card of the current location and use it and avoid all the extra charges.

But this procedure shall not work in case the IMEI code you are providing to the service provider is blacklisted, barred, or reported stolen. Make sure that such is not the case with your phone. It will be impossible to unlock then. A reputed and authorized unlock service provider will receive all your details, have them verified, and then send a code. It may not be immediate, but once you properly follow the instructions provided along with the code, you will be able to unlock mobile phone.


Selecting an Unlocking Provider for Your Mobile Phone

Unlock Cell Phone

Selecting an Unlocking Provider for Your Mobile Phone

There’s hardly a soul without a cell phone in today’s world. And anyone who has one would like it unlocked. The reasons are obvious. A user can be independent with that. Any number of SIM cards desired by the user can be inserted into the phone to avail services from different network service providers as per their choice. If you are one of those who haven’t unlocked their phone yet and are waiting to get it done, but are confused about the method to use, a proper suggestion for you any day would be to go for the unlock service providers that prefer using codes to software or hardware procedures. This is much easier and safer.

Selecting the Best of the lot of Unlocking Providers

It is absolutely legal to unlock cell phone. What tends to be illegal is the procedure that the frauds provide with websites where they would ask you to put their faith in them so they might unlock it at a much cheaper price. And they don’t. The failure is absolutely intentional and beneficial for them. But this is more about you and your phone being unlocked. Hence, it is recommended that you verify the facts of the provider before taking any step. Authentic service providers such as ensure that the phone shall suffer no kind of damage. There are some points you need to consider for this. They are as follows:

  • The method you use should be one where you get code to unlock in return for your mobile’s IMEI number
  • You should receive immediate confirmation via mail after submitting your phone’s IMEI number
  • The provider should offer secure unlocking
  • It should not use any software for the same
  • The process should be authentic and permanent
  • It should come with a money back guarantee in case the unlocking fails

One of the terms of the money back guarantee may require you to send the company a video as proof that you followed all instructions carefully and yet the phone could not be unlocked. So make sure that you shoot all of it while unlocking cell phone, lest it fails.

Before Going for Unlocking

Unlocking using a code is the simplest method. But it will not work in the first place if some things are not right with your IMEI code. Your IMEI code should not be blacklisted, barred, or reported stolen. Your default SIM card should have been used by your phone at least once, i.e., it should be active or have been active once before you start the process.

Opt for Various Carriers after Unlocking Your Cell Phone Legally

Unlock Cell Phone

Opt for Various Carriers after Unlocking Your Cell Phone Legally

Do you possess a handset that will make your colleagues and friends jealous by its looks? Well, let’s just say looks because God forbid a locked phone in your hands, but we never know. In case you have thoughts about having your phone unlocked in the simplest manner possible, consider this response. It happens to be a reliable and authorized mobile phone unlocking service provider.

Authentic Unlocking without a Hassle

The services of unlocking mobile phones are offered at great prices. Unlocking services are convenient, quick, and safe if availed from a reputed and authorized unlocking service provider. A provider like that would guide you to do away with the carrier lock on your handset. Once that is done, you can easily switch over to any network you feel like without any restriction from the phone.

Now that you know what unlocking does, you may have queries like “How do I unlock it?”, “Will my money be safe?”. Well, when it is a professional handling your unlocking, it will be a very sophisticated procedure. If it is a genuine unlocking provider such as Unlockninja, there is a money back provided if they fail to generate an unlock code or the unlock code generated by them doesn’t work or the unlocking could not be successful. Apart from that, they would also have a customer care service which help resolve issues for you. They shall be answering every doubt and every query with a lot of patience and accuracy. And there would be a simple set of instructions which will help to unlock cell phone with ease.

Before and for the Unlock

Now you know how to unlock your phone, but would you not want to know what you might need before that? The few simple requirements are as follows:

  • Firstly, your phone’s IMEI code phone shouldn’t be blocked, barred or reported lost or stolen
  • You should have all the bills cleared. Any amount due may cause problems in unlocking
  • You should have your handset activated with your default carrier provider before unlocking

Placing a Request for Unlocking

Once all the criteria mentioned above are met, you can proceed for unlocking your phone. You will have to send your IMEI code to the unlocking provider to receive an unlock code. Now this code can be used for proper unlocking. All you have to do is enter it on your phone to have it unlocked. Once unlocked, you can use any SIM cards for your phone or sell it at a great price. For a great unlocking experience log on to

Meet Your Unlocking Requirements with

Unlock Cell Phone

Meet Your Unlocking Requirements with

Once you unlock cell phone, you get the benefit of using more networks than one for your handset. You are not the only one who might have an issue with unlocking cell phone. There is a lot of people who go on and unlock cell phones to avail various benefits. Being able to switch your SIM card and use any one that you need, updating the phones firmware etc., are not possible with a locked phone. These are liberties that only a person with an unlocked phone can enjoy. To unlock a phone, you need not go for procedures where there is a technical issue or risks of damage. Your procedure should be legal, authentic, and genuine; so should be your unlock service provider.

Why opt for

This question cannot be answered with a word or a sentence. The reasons are as follows:

Lowest prices possible: It may sound unbelievable, but offers to reduce the price of its service if you report that one of its rivals has a lower price and you are considering to avail their service. The price may even be lower than that of the rival. As such, the prices offered by are affordable, but when there is an option like this, it does give an edge.

Get your money back: No, this does not mean that you will have your money back after your phone is unlockedsuccessfully. But in case the procedure fails, you shall get your money back. Despite doing everything as mentioned in the instructions, if the phone is not unlocked, the money is refunded without any questions asked.

Quick delivery: The last query may come down to speed. Do they deliver in time? Well, they aren’t selling pizza, but they definitely deliver in time. The codes are delivered really fast. Most of the times they provide you with an unlock code immediately after you place the order.

The credibility of lies in the fact that they do not use any other process which carry any kind of risks. Their process that of IMEI unlocking is simple and absolutely legal and safe. They offer efficient unlocking services. But consider an advantage after your phone is unlocked. Once you have an unlocked phone and you feel like selling it, the value sees a huge comparison with a locked device. A much better price comes up with it. The instructions offered by the company are simple and can help you get your phone unlocked with ease. So, if you are one of those who have a locked phone, visit: and have it unlocked.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Mobile Phone

Unlock Cell Phone

Benefits of Unlocking Your Mobile Phone

In case you feel like buying a high end mobile phone but cannot afford it, you shall opt for one of those carrier providers. Their offer is simple. You get the phone for a great price, but for the next 2 years or more, the phone shall not accept any other SIM cards. You stay a loyal customer to them, no matter what. In this case, the phone is not compatible with a SIM card of any other network, i.e, if you use any other SIM card, the device shall display an error message. This is where the phone is locked to your particular carrier. Thus, if you feel like using other carrier providers, it would be advisable to go for unlocking Cell phone with ease and by using a method that is absolutely legal.

How Unlocked Cell Phones Work

An unlocked cell phone works under the GSM technology, where a phone can use various SIM cards. When you have an unlocked GSM handset, you can go for any SIM card you feel like and avail any tariff you find suitable, be it a monthly plan or an annual plan or a plan where you recharge when you feel like, etc. The choice is totally yours. Thus, if there is a locked phone in your possession, kindly opt for a proper method of unlocking it and then avail the benefits of anunlocked mobile phone.

Benefits of Unlocked Cell Phones

Once the phone is unlocked, you can go for any number of carrier providers you feel like. There shall be no error messages to bother you. The call rates vary with every network and you can switch over to the one network of your choice as per your requirements or desire.

Apart from that, when you are on roaming, your phone incurs a lot of expenses. The roaming charges are abundant. But if you don’t have to face any roaming charges, how would it feel? A lot can be saved by using one of the local SIM cards of the location you are in. This works in an unlocked phone and helps you save a lot in any trip, be it national or international.

Now, let’s say you have used your phone for quite some time and want to sell it off. You would definitely want a good price for the same. That will come only with an unlock cell phone because of the benefits mentioned above.

So, to get your phone unlocked, opt for authentic unlocking service offering companies such as Unlockninja that provide this service at a nice price.

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and its Significance

Unlock Samsung S6 Edge

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and its Significance

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has become quite the sensation in the industry at present and it won’t be a surprise if you possess one of the same. The specifications, features and the fact that Android operating system caters to this device as a platform make it both unique and adaptable. Undoubtedly, you would love to have one if you don’t right now. But, in case you made this purchase from your local vendor or one of the carrier providers, it should not be a shock if the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is locked to that network provider. Now, your phone has handcuffs on. You can walk with it but never use it to the fullest. This should make you realize about the importance of unlocking Samsung S6 Edge, especially by a proper unlocking provider.

A professional service provider such as is considered best when it comes to having your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unlocked. Although there are other methods which need a particular skill set or carry huge risks such as the hardware method, this one, or the software method need you to be skilled in technical areas or you may end up not only damaging, but losing your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, i.e., the phone may stop functioning. There is no turning back from this point. Hence, it is advisable to opt for a professional unlocking service provider like and stay safe throughout the entire process.

Points to Keep in Mind

There are some points you need to keep in mind if you have decided to go for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. They are as follows:

  • Research and find out as much as you can about the professional unlocking service providers. Use the feedback available from your friends, colleagues, and relatives.
  • Make sure that your bills related to the contract of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are paid and nothing is pending. In case there is an amount pending, the procedure shall not be completed.
  • Make sure that the IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is not reported stolen, blacklisted, or blocked. This is another hindrance and shall also prevent the processing of your request.

The Procedure

The process needs you to use your IMEI code and some other details. You need to email the following details to the service provider:

  • Model name of the phone
  • Country the phone was locked in or purchased from
  • IMEI code of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

After the submission of these details, you need to make a necessary payment. Then the data provided by you shall be verified. After that, you will be provided with an unlock code which you have to enter in order to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Now that you know it all, go and unlock Samsung S6 Edge.