The Right Way to Unlock Your iPhone 5s

Unlock iphone 5s

The Right Way to Unlock Your iPhone 5s

The privilege of using an iPhone 5s comes only to a handful of people. They do understand that they possess one of the best gadgets in the world.  But using your Apple iPhone 5s to the fullest capacity would need you to unlock it. You may want to look at how relevant and beneficial unlocking is. Read on for the same.

The Locked iPhones 5s Prison

A locked iPhone 5s is like a prison for the phone. Although a SIM card is much smaller in size, it does not allow the device to use any other SIM cards on it. It gets to your nerves at a point. Your locked iPhone 5s can work only with the default carrier provider. No other SIM card is accepted by it nor makes it work like a proper phone either. Hence, it is advisable that you go for a prison break and get your iPhone 5s unlocked.

 Unlocking – No Risks Involved

Unlocking iPhone 5s using the IMEI method is absolutely safe and legal. It is not an issue if you have paid all the bills that you were supposed to as per your contract. But in case you haven’t, get in touch with your service provider and make sure that you clear all your bills.

Unlocking your iPhone 5s will also have no effect on the device or any term on the warranty. But it is important that your iPhone 5s be unlocked by a trustworthy and authorized company such as Unlockninja which offers this service without any hassle.

IMEI Unlocking

Although there are many ways to unlock iPhone 5s, it is best that you prefer the IMEI method. The steps for this procedure are pretty easy to follow and do not require any technical expertise from your end.

The first thing you need to check is whether your IMEI code is listed on the service provider’s database or not. Once you are sure about your IMEI code being available, you can forward a request for unlocking. Then, within a couple of days, you get a confirmation mail from the service provider. Once you get that, you need to reboot your iPhone 5s and launch iTunes. The moment you do that, you will receive a message stating that your iPhone 5s is now unlocked. In case you are wondering about one of the service providers you can trust and the one that has a reputation of great delivery, log on to


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