Professional Assistance to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlock Samsung S5

Professional Assistance to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Over a million users across the planet prefer the popular Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Even among the million users, the ones who have their handsets locked to particular carrier provider feel terribly annoyed. It would be a much better choice to have your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked by professionals who can be relied upon in the industry. Contrary to popular belief, phone unlocking has processes that even a layman can follow. Any brand of phone you use can be unlocked by the process, provided you choose to implement it. Continue reading further to know more about the same and in turn unlock Samsung S5.

Why opt for unlocking?

The reasons to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 are as follows:

  • The device’s firmware can be updated. While doing so, the phone, the data in it, the apps, and the hardware shall not be affected.
  • This is a permanent process and needs to be implemented only once. You don’t need to worry about unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5
  • You are free to pick a carrier provider that has better call plans or messaging plans or both. You won’t need to stick to one with high prices for the same.
  • You can switch your service providers from the current to another as many times you want. This helps a great deal while you are travelling. It doesn’t matter whether the checkbox you tick in says “Business” or “Pleasure”, but while in another country, you would always want to keep in touch with the ones special to you. For that, if your Samsung Galaxy S5 accepts a local SIM card and makes sure you save a lot on roaming charges for anything, be it making calls or sending messages, what more would you want to ask for? To implement it is not a big deal and after the benefits listed above, unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 should seem like a pretty sensible thing to do.

The Right Way: An Unlocking Provider

When you think of having your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked, you may want to think whether going for an unlock provider would be worth it or not. A professional company with a good reputation such as will definitely provide unlocking services that are legal, authentic, permanent, and 100% safe. They have a money back guarantee in place too and hence ensure that all their efforts are sincere and genuine. The code they provide is bound to work. If it doesn’t, you get your money back. So, unlock Samsung S5 right now and ensure that you do so from a trusted and professional service provider.


Must follow Suggestions while Unlocking Samsung S6

Unlock Samsung S6

Must follow Suggestions while Unlocking Samsung S6

It was the 10th of April, 2015. Town Samsung announced the arrival of their youngest member from the mobile phone family. And as if it were the eighth wonder, the world started looking it up and desiring it. In case you are one of those who own it, you would undoubtedly know about the 16 MP camera and the premium design which made you go for the purchase. But despite the features, you may not want a locked version of the wonder. It would be like a car with a golden body, the best seats and other features, but a one speed gear box. Keep it for a month more and you would loathe it. The solution is simple. Change the gearbox. It is quite the same here. You need to unlock Samsung S6 permanently. Read ahead for the simplest methods of the same and the benefits that accompany you.

Ease of Unlocking Your Samsung S6

Unlocking your Samsung S6 is a process that is neither tough nor risky.  For that, you need to keep your IMEI no. handy. First, you need to find a trustworthy unlocking provider that has been genuine throughout. In this case, Unlockninja will come to your rescue. Then, you need to provide your IMEI code to the website. It will also need some other details. Once you provide the same and they are verified, they generate an unlock code which you receive via email. All it would take to unlock Samsung S6 once and permanently for you is to enter the code. This process is absolutely safe and secure.

Advantages of Unlocking

There are various advantages that come with unlocking your Samsung S6. They are as follows:

  • Your unlocked Samsung S6 would be sold at a much higher price than what you expected as compared to a locked Samsung S6.
  • You can now switch to any network of your choice. Be it in the country or outside, the Samsung S6 will never reject any SIM card anymore.
  • You save a lot whenever you travel. There won’t be any roaming charges if you buy a SIM and start using it the moment you land or arrive at a new region.
  • This process is authentic and doesn’t need you to be technically strong.
  • Since the process is legal, unlocking does not affect the phone’s warranty in any manner.
  • A thorough professional with the reputation of a good unlocking provider like Unlockninja shall do it at a good price and provide impeccable customer support.
  • They shall gladly refund your money if the procedure doesn’t work due to any cause.

So, if you are still waiting to get your Samsung S6 unlocked, I wonder why!

Exploit Capabilities to the Fullest When You Unlock Samsung S5

Unlock Samsung S5

Exploit Capabilities to the Fullest When You Unlock Samsung S5 

Winning everybody’s hearts with its great looks and awesome features, the Samsung S5 has found its place in the shelf that holds the world’s most spectacular phones. People with technical abilities buy Samsung S5, unlock it via hardware unlocking or rooting and use it well. But what about those who are not technically sound? For such people, who, by the way contribute to 90% of the buyers, unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S5 does sound like a big deal. Well, it isn’t! When the phone is locked, as a user, you are confined to only one SIM card and can only use the same for all your purposes. Unlocking would allow you to do more and avail all the features of your Samsung S5. So, if you feel like unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 right now, read on.

Choosing an Unlocking Provider

Authentic unlock codes can be found with only reputed unlock service providers such as Their methods are safe and secure. They can be trusted to do it the right way. The codes they provide can easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5. Here, safety refers to your phone’s data and hardware being unaffected and security refers to the warranty. No term of the warranty shall be altered or affected if the unlocking has been done by a reputed service provider website.

Post unlocking of your Samsung S5, you are free from the confinement of a single SIM card. You can either choose to change your network provider or keep on changing SIM cards as and when required. The impact of this part gets established the moment you travel to another country. You can easily insert a SIM card of the country you are in and avoid roaming charges. Not only that, you also get to make calls and avail other services like messaging and data at local tariffs. Hence, this goes a long way in contributing to your savings on this area.

You get the unlock code via mail in a few hours or days. The response time changes as per each country. If after using the code, you are not able to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5, you should contact the service provider immediately. Their executives will walk an extra mile to help you and on top of it there is a refund policy too. But you may not need to do that provided you follow all instructions carefully. In case of a technical glitch too, they will not hesitate to help.

Benefits You are Showered with When You Unlock Samsung S6 Edge

Unlock Samsung S6 Edge

Benefits You are Showered with When You Unlock Samsung S6 Edge

The most happening gadget from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one you would dream of owning any day. But if your dream has already come true and you are an owner, then there is something that you need to do in order to avail the features of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to the fullest. There is a bucket of benefits you can avail once you unlock Samsung S6 Edge. But you should take care that only a genuine and reputed unlocking provider such as is doing it.  The bucket of benefits reveals its contents as you read on.

Use any Carrier Provider You Want

The first and foremost benefit that comes along is the fact that you can now use a SIM card of any network you feel like. You need not be stuck with just one of them in the locked state. Quite like most of the high end phones, your S6 Edge might also have the fate of a default carrier. Once unlocked, this changes forever.

Travel Worry free

Now that you have the liberty of using any SIM anywhere in the world, think of the savings you would make while on roaming. You land in any country and you can swap your initial SIM with a local one. Now, incoming is free and you can make calls, use data or send messages at a local tariff.

Unlocking Made Easier

The procedure offered by reputed unlocking providers is that of IMEI unlocking. There are various other methods but this is the safest and simplest of all. Besides that, it is legal, affordable and also comes with a money back guarantee. If the procedure fails in any manner, all of your money is refunded. This is also a one time and permanent procedure forunlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

This procedure needs you to enter some data into the unlock service provider’s official website. The data includes the IMEI code of your phone, the country it was locked in, and the model of the phone. Once you provide this data, it goes for verification and before three nights, your unlock code arrives in your mail. You need to enter the code and await another message which will state that your Samsung S6 Edge is now unlocked successfully.

Unlock Provider: Making the Right Choice

While choosing an unlock service provider, make sure you do not compromise with the quality of reputation you set as a bar. The provider should be reliable, have the appropriate customer support, and should have an efficient service record. fits the bill nicely here and makes the unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a hassle free process.

Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Choose Your Service Provider

Unlock HTC M8

Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Choose Your Service Provider

One of the most widely used smartphones compatible with Android, HTC One (M8) is a handset that a lot of network service providers offer to customers. However, in case you wish to switch to another network and get rid of your existing network service provider for any reasons whatsoever, then it would be advisable for you to unlock HTC One (M8) at the earliest. Unlocking your HTC One (M8) will let you use any network’s SIM card you desire or choose as per your requirements, especially while you are abroad.

You will incur a lot of roaming charges when you are abroad and if you are stuck with your default network. Making calls might make you feel like a pauper. But, what if you could just step into a country’s border, buy a SIM card from the local area, insert it in your phone and use it normally? It is possible with an unlocked HTC One (M8) phone. To know more about how to unlock, read on.

Methods of Unlocking

There are various methods which you may use to unlock your HTC One (M8). Carrier unlocking method is one where you have to contact the default carrier provider. To proceed with this procedure, you need to ensure that all your bills as per the contract you have with your device have been paid. In case you haven’t paid up, there are other methods as well. Read on.

HTC One CID Change

This one requires you to have ample technical expertise. It is pretty risky and your handset’s warranty doesn’t cover it. In fact, after using this, your warranty becomes void. The reason behind this is that a change in the CID will change the regional status of your phone. In this procedure, you don’t need to to enter codes for unlocking, but for sure there are risks. A small mistake and you lose the HTC One (M8), since there is no warranty to cover it.

 Unlock by Your Default Service Provider

This is a secure and easy method which doesn’t need any technical expertise. This process is not only hassle free, but is also covered by the warranty of the HTC One (M8). And it is so simple that a layman can implement it. You need send your device’s IMEI code to the trusted company such as Unlockninja that offers unlocking services. The company will then send an unlock code for your handset, in less than five minutes. The code helps you in unlocking your HTC One (M8). In fact, you can avail money back guarantee if it fails to send a code to unlock HTC One (M8) or the code fails.

Top Tips for Unlocking Your Precious iPhone 5s

Unlock iphone 5s

Top Tips for Unlocking Your Precious iPhone 5s

A magnificent smartphone with some of the best features and apps, Apple iPhone 5s, may be in your hands, your pockets or just on a desk. But if this marvel of a device is to be used to the fullest, you should consider unlocking it. There are various ways to do that. Hardware unlocking, jailbreaking, IMEI unlocking and software unlocking are a few methods. But the most effective, safe and legal procedure would be IMEI unlocking.

How to proceed?

Unlocking iPhone 5s using the IMEI method will need you to opt for a trustworthy website such as which provides this service. You would need to select the original network from the list to which your phone is locked. Then, it shall ask for the IMEI code of your device. Upon providing that, you have to wait for a confirmation mail which can arrive in at most two days. It depends on the network you have been using so far. Once you receive the mail, you need to restore iTunes in your iPhone 5. And then, you shall receive a message stating that your phone has been unlocked.

Points to Look out for

You just read how easy it is to perform the unlocking of your iPhone 5s. However, there are a few points that you must not neglect before starting with unlocking. They are as follows:

  • Your device must be locked to the default network
  • All your bills concerned with your iPhone 5s must be cleared
  • Your iPhone 5s should, under no circumstances, be reported lost, stolen, blacklisted, or barred. This can be detected via your IMEI number

Once all the above mentioned points are checked well, you know that your iPhone 5s is eligible for being unlocked. You can proceed with the procedure and unlock iPhone 5s. The only hindrance may be finding a trustworthy website. In case that is a big issue for you, give no second thought to opt for https//

Why unlock?

The first, foremost and probably the most obvious reason to unlock your iPhone 5s would be the freedom to use various networks. You won’t need to confine yourself to one network for everything anymore. Apart from that, you get to modify various other features of your iPhone 5s and opt for the settings you have always wanted. Updating the firmware of the iPhone 5s is also possible after having successfully unlocked your iPhone 5s.

The Right Way to Unlock Your iPhone 5s

Unlock iphone 5s

The Right Way to Unlock Your iPhone 5s

The privilege of using an iPhone 5s comes only to a handful of people. They do understand that they possess one of the best gadgets in the world.  But using your Apple iPhone 5s to the fullest capacity would need you to unlock it. You may want to look at how relevant and beneficial unlocking is. Read on for the same.

The Locked iPhones 5s Prison

A locked iPhone 5s is like a prison for the phone. Although a SIM card is much smaller in size, it does not allow the device to use any other SIM cards on it. It gets to your nerves at a point. Your locked iPhone 5s can work only with the default carrier provider. No other SIM card is accepted by it nor makes it work like a proper phone either. Hence, it is advisable that you go for a prison break and get your iPhone 5s unlocked.

 Unlocking – No Risks Involved

Unlocking iPhone 5s using the IMEI method is absolutely safe and legal. It is not an issue if you have paid all the bills that you were supposed to as per your contract. But in case you haven’t, get in touch with your service provider and make sure that you clear all your bills.

Unlocking your iPhone 5s will also have no effect on the device or any term on the warranty. But it is important that your iPhone 5s be unlocked by a trustworthy and authorized company such as Unlockninja which offers this service without any hassle.

IMEI Unlocking

Although there are many ways to unlock iPhone 5s, it is best that you prefer the IMEI method. The steps for this procedure are pretty easy to follow and do not require any technical expertise from your end.

The first thing you need to check is whether your IMEI code is listed on the service provider’s database or not. Once you are sure about your IMEI code being available, you can forward a request for unlocking. Then, within a couple of days, you get a confirmation mail from the service provider. Once you get that, you need to reboot your iPhone 5s and launch iTunes. The moment you do that, you will receive a message stating that your iPhone 5s is now unlocked. In case you are wondering about one of the service providers you can trust and the one that has a reputation of great delivery, log on to