Avoid Scamsters, Unlock Your iPhone 5s Legally

Unlock iphone 5S

Avoid Scamsters, Unlock Your iPhone 5s Legally

A good idea can change one’s life, but let’s not talk that big though the iPhone 5s is considered larger than life at times. If you are a customer and have bought the iPhone 5s recently, you may want to unlock it. You should get it done by an authentic unlock service provider. Read on to find out how, and before that, why should you unlock.

Advantages You are Fetched with due to Unlocking of iPhone 5s

When you unlock iPhone 5s, you get to see many benefits that come out of it. The first one is the ease and freedom of using any network on the handset. Prior to that, there was only the default network for everything. The second benefit is directly related to the first one. It has a financial angle. You save a lot of money on calls and other services that you avail while on roaming. If there is a tour, with every country or state, you can use a new local SIM card and wave farewell to the roaming charges.

The third aspect is also financial. But here, it comes a little later. After you have used your iPhone 5s well, you might want to sell it. Now, if you use the locked iPhone 5s, you would definitely get a much lesser price and hardly any interested buyers. The tables turn well for an unlocked iPhone 5s.

How unlocking works?

To unlock your iPhone 5s, you need to visit a trusted website which provides that service. The first step is to login and select your model no., which happens to be iPhone 5s in this case. The next step shall need you to enter the IMEI code of your device. Once you submit the necessary details along with that, you get a confirmation mail stating the unlocking of your iPhone 5s has been successful. You now have to launch iTunes on your device to be able to use any other SIM card. And this entire process does not affect the warranty of your iPhone 5s in any manner.

Points to be Noted

Although you now know how to unlock iPhone 5s, you may need to consider some points that are necessary for the same. They are as follows:

  • Your iPhone 5s should be fully activated with your existing carrier
  • The IMEI code of your iPhone is not barred, blacklisted, or reported stolen
  • Avoid websites that fake unlocking and cheat you

To unlock your iPhone 5s, one of the reputed sites would be http://www.unlockninja.com/


Unlock Samsung S6 Edge to Enjoy a Bucket of Benefits

Unlock Samsung S6 Edge

Unlock Samsung S6 Edge to Enjoy a Bucket of Benefits

The Samsung S6 Edge is one of the most popular gadgets available today. However, if you own the device and wish to use it to its fullest capacity, you must get it unlocked legally and securely. You will enjoy a number of benefits once youget your Samsung S6 Edge unlocked via a leading and genuine unlocking provider.

Change Your Carrier Provider

Unlocking brings along with a host of advantages and perhaps the biggest of them all is that you can change your carrier provider as and when you desire. Almost all the high-end phones are locked to one or another carrier and your Samsung S6 Edge is no different. Once you opt for the unlocking procedure, you will be free to insert a SIM card of your choice of network provider.

Avoid Roaming Fee

Unlocking Samsung S6 Edge will allow you to insert a local SIM card of the country you chose to travel to. This way you won’t have to pay the extremely high roaming charges that your original carrier provider may charge from you.

Unlocking Made Easier

There are many unlocking providers that offer phone unlocking services. However, it is important that you seek the services of professional and permanent unlocking companies. A professional unlocking provider will make unlocking procedure extremely easy by providing simple to follow instructions and steps. Reputed unlocking providers offer IMEI unlocking, which is legal, affordable, safe, and permanent. On top of all, there is a money refund guarantee, if the unlocking fails for any reason.

As per the IMEI phone unlocking method, a user needs to mail his/her device’s IMEI number to the unlocking service offering company and in return it will email you the unlock codes, which can easily be used for unlock Samsung S6 Edge. Thus, unlocking doesn’t really require you to have any technical expertise. As a user you simply need to log into the website of the unlocking provider and choose the model and brand of phone being used by them. Apart from this, you must also select the country from where the cell phone was purchased originally and send the IMEI code of your device. Within a couple of days you will receive an email containing unlocking code. Once the code has been entered into your device, you will receive a message from the unlocking provider indicating that your Samsung S6 Edge has been unlocked successfully.

How to pick an unlocking provider?

Unlocking your Samsung S6 Edge is a pretty convenient procedure. However, a lot depends on your unlocking provider too. Make sure you pick an unlocking provider that offers quick and efficient unlocking services. In addition to this, your unlocking provider should also offer customer support services as and when required.

Unlock Samsung S5 to Maximize its Capabilities

Unlock Samsung S5

Unlock Samsung S5 to Maximize its Capabilities

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a spectacular phone that boasts of incredible features and great looks. However, once you have bought the phone, you will realize that the device is locked to a specific carrier provider. This leaves you only with one option i.e., to unlock Samsung S5, so that you can continue to use of the same by inserting a SIM card of another carrier provider. While people who have expert technical knowledge can unlock their phones via rooting or hardware unlocking procedure, a layman may find it extremely difficult to unlock his/her mobile phone using the above mentioned procedures. Therefore, if you wish to maximize your Samsung Galaxy S5’s capabilities, then consider getting it unlocked through a genuine and authorized unlocking services offering company.

How to pick an unlocking provider?

If you are determined to get your Samsung S5 unlocked, then consult unlocking providers that can help you unlock your handset safely and quickly. A reputed unlocking provider will offer you authentic unlock codes, which can be easily used for unlocking Samsung S5. Once unlocked, you will also be free to insert a local SIM card of just about any carrier provider you prefer to switch to. In fact, anytime you plan a foreign trip, you can insert the local SIM card of the country you are travelling to and use the same to make cheap calls and send message to your friends, business partners, colleagues, and family members.

Unlocking your Samsung S5 won’t cancel the warranty of your cell phone under any circumstances. Therefore, if you are worried that your phone will cease to function post unlocking, then be rest assured that you won’t face any problems with regard to the performance of your handset. When it comes to unlocking, make sure you consult an experienced unlocking providing company, as it will provide 100% legal and permanent unlocking services.

Depending upon the country, network, and model of your phone, the unlocking provider will email you the unlock code for your Samsung S5 in either a couple of hours or days. In case you don’t receive the unlock code, despite making the necessary payments, make sure you approach the customer support team of the unlock services offering company. Their highly efficient and customer friendly team will help you resolve the matter by providing you with an unlock code instantly. Once you receive the unlock code, make sure you follow all the unlocking instructions carefully, so that you don’t get stuck anywhere and are able to unlock Samsung S5 successfully.

Unlock Your iPhone 6s for Compatibility with Other Networks

Unlock iphone 6s

Unlock Your iPhone 6s for Compatibility with Other Networks

With an unlocked Apple iPhone 6s, users can download and install any third party mobile apps, opt for various network service providers for their handset as per their requirement and do a lot more whenever they want. But for that, theiPhone 6s should be unlocked in the most reliable method which offers safety and security to your iPhone 6s.

Seek Expertise from Professional Unlocking Providers

There are various bodies which may offer their services to unlock iPhone 6s and one of the trustful lots is unlockninja. You should verify them well lest you become a target of their scam. Some inexperienced service providers end up giving faulty instructions to unlock and hence damage the handsets. Some even come up with links for download that turn out to be incorrect or outdated. They hardly work. Thus, prior to unlocking, do consult an experienced unlocking service provider that has been reliable and can offer services that are legal and secure.

How it works?

Unlike other smartphones which can be unlocked by using a code, iPhone 6s avoids the involvement of one. All you need to do to unlock your iPhone 6s is send your IMEI number to Apple’s database. This is the first step. After that, you get a mail from Apple mentioning that your device is now unlocked. Once you receive that, you need to have the updated version of iTunes installed in your handset. Then you can try a new SIM card from another network. Now, iTunes will detect your iPhone 6s and state that your iPhone 6s is unlocked. You are now free to use any SIM card from any network you consider appropriate.

Points to Note

There are some points which should not be neglected while unlocking iPhone 6s. They are as follows:

  • Your iPhone 6s should have the the latest version of iTunes.
  • There should be no SIM card on your phone’s SIM card tray. Even an invalid SIM card may cause problems in accessing iTunes and you may not be able to restore the handset, let aside unlocking it.
  • You need to accept the terms and conditions of the unlocking agreement. For a change you might go for reading the entire agreement.
  • Do not reboot your iPhone 6s before the restore procedure concludes.
  • Don’t insert another SIM card before you get the the confirmation message.

The IMEI procedure is a permanent one to unlock your iPhone 6s. You can also update your iPhone 6s with other firmware and operating system. Log on to https://www.unlockninja.com/ to unlock your iPhone 6s.

Customize Your iPhone 6s Your Way with Unlocking

Unlock iphone 6S

Customize Your iPhone 6s Your Way with Unlocking

If I own a wireless network provider giant and also happen to make handsets, I would have every handset locked to my network. Either that or I would have a tie up with a handset manufacturer for the same. The reason is simple. Customers don’t get to switch to any other network provider and have to avail services from basically the first carrier. Of course, I’m going to make a lot of money, all because of the data plans and calls. But, let’s change the variables a little. Let’s say I am a customer now and have to face this nuisance of a carrier giant. I’ll be bound to pay the excess roaming charges every time I step out of the range of this network that comes with my handset. I would prefer unlocking my iPhone 6s and be free to use other networks any day. And if you are at the same platform where I am, I believe reading further will do you a big favor when it comes to unlocking iPhone 6s.

Warranty Stays Intact

The Apple IMEI unlocking procedure is one where you implement and the warranty of your iPhone 6s is absolutely unaffected. Besides that, you can update any firmware or baseband after a factory unlock, if required. For a smooth and secure unlocking experience, log on to https://www.unlockninja.com.

Unlocking Benefits Galore

You get to avail some major advantages when you unlock iPhone 6s utilizing the expertise of quality providers like Unlockninja. Firstly, you get to modify its features and thereby customize it as per your needs. This is something a locked iPhone 6s won’t allow. Secondly, your savings start getting a hike with all the roaming charges you save. When you step out of the region covered by the initial SIM card, you can always opt for a local SIM card of the region, city, or country you are in and the roaming charges won’t apply anymore. The IMEI method is absolutely safe and is considered legal since it is done via Apple servers. The first step you need to take is send the IMEI code to the Apple database. Once you do that, you will receive a mail form the company which mentions that your iPhone 6s is unlocked. After this, you need to connect your phone to your PC. Then, you have to launch iTunes to make your iPhone 6s ready to use all other networks from that moment onwards.

Unlocking Your iPhone 6 is Easy Now

Unlocking iPhone 6

Unlocking Your iPhone 6 is Easy Now

With an iphone 6 comes pride and status if you are a user. But then, there is worry that accompanies which is unlocking the iphone 6. Once unlocked, the iphone gives you leverage over using various other networks on the same handset. What follows is a comprehending guide to unlocking your iphone 6. It shall be beneficial. Read on to find more.

Unlock Your iPhone 6 the Simplest Way

There are various scams that’ll only damage your device. So, when you have plans of unlocking your iPhone 6, beware of them and see to it that you are safe. There are three different ways in which you can unlock your iPhone 6.

Software Unlock: Unlocking iPhone 6 using software usually doesn’t work and isn’t something we would advise. These are one of those scams we mentioned before and they’ll only ensure loss of money.

Hardware Unlock: When you go for this method, the warranty your apple iphone 6 came with is cancelled and besides that, it also needs you to have immense technical knowledge. Without either of the above, you might have a ruined iphone while trying to unlock it. And there is this need of installing huge SIM card trays too which may result in stopping all or probably the most important functions of the device.

Network or IMEI Unlock: This undoubtedly is the best method for unlocking your iPhone 6. It is simple, covered by your warranty, and absolutely legal. For implementing this method to unlock your iPhone 6, the unlocking service provider such as Unlockninja needs to receive your device’s code. Once they receive it, they’ll do what is essential. You will get an email from their end confirming that your iPhone 6 has been unlocked successfully. No software or SIM card tray installations make up a part of this process. The warranty stays safe throughout the process. After you receive the unlocking confirmation of your iPhone 6, you need to connect your device to the computer and connect to iTunes. Your iphone 6 will now support any network you choose. This method is considered most beneficial for travelers. Once your iphone6 is unlocked, you get to save a lot on roaming charges and other additional fees. While travelling, any local SIM card can be used to receive incoming calls for free and you got to enjoy the local tariffs.

How to Select the Ideal Unlocking Solutions Provider

In order to unlock iPhone 6, you need to look for a service provider that is trustworthy, reputed, and professional in its approach. A reasonable price shall be charged for unlocking your iPhone 6 by any service provider that is experienced such as unlockninja.com. They shall also provide quick and efficient unlocking services. There shall be an immediate response from their end in case of situations where your iPhone 6 hasn’t been unlocked in time. To compensate, they also attach a money back scheme to your unlocking service.

To Unlock Your Cell Phone Visit : https://www.unlockninja.com/

Benefits of Having an Unlocked iPhone 6

Benefits of iphone6

Benefits of Having an Unlocked iPhone 6

When you go for buying the Apple iPhone 6, try to go for an unlocked handset. This phone is has a rare and impressive design and is loaded with wonderful features. There are various benefits of having unlocked iPhone 6, which you shall get to know about if you read on.

Use Various Networks: If your iPhone 6 is unlocked, you can use several SIM cards on the iPhone 6. This, in turn will allow you to choose and change a network wherever and whenever you need to, as per your requirement. In case you travel quite often for personal or professional causes, switching over to other network service providers will aid you save on your costs. You can avoid all the extra roaming charges you would have incurred had the iPhone 6 not been unlocked. This is the first of the benefits of having Unlocked iphone 6. It helps toward optimization of your budget.

Budget Saviour: While buying an unlocked iPhone 6, you may have to pay a hefty amount, since the full price of an Apple product does cost a fortune for some. But with time, you will realize that the freedom to opt for any network service provider works wonders and helps you save a lot of money.  For low cost calls and messages, you can choose the cheapest SIM cards with the best rates as per your preference for calls or messages or both. Or, you may just change the carrier once much before your contract gets over.

Easy to Customize: The biggest of the benefits of unlocked iPhone 6 is the easy customization. With an unlocked iPhone 6, you can customize its features as per your requirements. The applications in the phone are not pre-programmed by the default network service provider and hence, you have complete control over them. In an unlocked iPhone 6, the notification sound, wallpapers, alert message tones, etc., can be changed by you.

Enhanced Resale Price: If After using your iPhone 6 for quite a long time, in case you feel like selling it, you will get a good price for it and you would hardly face any trouble with negotiations. Since there are various benefits of unlocked iPhone6 when done by providers such as unlockninja, you would get buyers who would be more interested in your iPhone 6. After all, who doesn’t want to use carriers of their choice all the time?

Hence, a conclusion of opting for an unlocked iPhone 6 is arrived at after considering the points mentioned above. So in case you possess a locked iPhone6, you can have it unlocked at http://www.unlockninja.com without any delay.